Robb Kunz – Sounds Squared

((audience)) is pleased to announce a transcontinental studio visit with Seattle sound artist, Robb Kunz at our Sound Off Salon on July 11th. Robb Kunz will present an installation version of his public art work in progress, Sounds Squared. The reception for Sounds Squared will begin at 7:00pm and Kunz will give a brief talk about his work at 8pm.

Kunz’s discussion of how and why he creates these kinetic sound exhibitions will address topics ranging from psychoacoustics, the limitations of loudspeakers, the history of recording technology, low-power FM (pirate radio), DIY electronics and creative re-use.

Because the 16 Beaver space will be dedicated this evening to the Sounds Squared installation, July’s Sound Off salon will not include an opening concert. Robb’s talk will begin promptly at 8pm. We will be locking up early this month (around 9:45pm) to head to Tribeca Cinema for ((audience))’s presentation of JG Thirlwell’s Manorexia: Dinoflagellate Blooms.

Robb Kunz, Bark/Disembark (2012) Photo: The Stranger

Robb Kunz is a sound artist and engineer, living in Seattle. Originally from Oklahoma, he was heavily influenced by powerful tornado and air raid sirens, which sounded on a weekly basis. His artistic work consists of numerous handmade electronics and kinetic elements made from repurposed materials. When activated, they broadcast small bits of an elaborate composition throughout a large acoustic space. These ‘sculptures’ constantly shift direction, activating a space to seem suddenly alive, as if another geography or dimension is leaking through.

In 2012, he presented Bark! Disembark!, an exhibition at Seattle’s Union Station. Utilizing a dozen rotating speakers, tightly synchronized for playback, he broadcasted  5-8 minute collages of train stations from around the world every half hour for several days. He commissioned collaborators in their respective locales or during travels to gather sounds of each station’s geography. They were instructed to canvas the entirety of the station and gamut of human activity inside – conductors, trains, passengers, announcements, conversations, vendors, buskers, etc.  These were then woven into a multi-channel spatial mix for Union Station, each discrete stream emanating from a different rotating speaker placed at key points in the Grand Hall.

Robb Kunz has been commissioned by the ARTSParks / the City of Seattle to create an outdoor sound exhibition during the month of August at Occidental Park, a square in the oldest part of downtown. The kinetic sound sculptures of Sounds Squared will be solar powered and maintenance free. Again, he will commission collaborators to gather hundreds of sounds, this time of town squares throughout the world, to broadcast in a similar fashion as in Union Station.

Robb Kunz will present these newly created kinetic speakers and broadcast a series of short montages from past works as well as the upcoming piece Sounds Squared.

This project is made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts’ Electronic Media and Film Presentation Funds grant program, administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes ( and

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