Seeking Writers for ((audience)) Editions

This September, ((audience)) published our first DVD – Macular Degeneration – by Phillip Stearns.  ( Available here. )

Since then, we’ve been reflecting about DVDs and fixed-media in general: in many ways , DVDs are an obsolete format. Increasingly, consumers expect media to be delivered on-demand, from “the cloud” without a physical media like discs. Yet, there are few options for delivering multi-channel audio at this time for independent publishers. The DVD currently remains the simplest way to share multi-channel works.

And so, we have decided to publish a few more discs this year.  Each will be be published in a small edition*. In order to make these publications truly worthwhile, we hope to publish extensive Liner Notes including biographies and critical responses.

We are not seeking artist submissions at this time, as we will use this publishing effort as an opportunity to share some some of the amazing ((audience)) Festival submission archive with the world.

We are at this time seeking writers.  If you may be interested in writing, please send a letter of interest via email to curators @ au . dience . org with subject line “WRITER – LINER NOTES.” CVs are welcome but not required. Below, please find a list of some of the artists who have submitted works to ((audience)) in the past. Please let us know if you are interested in any particular artists, or if there are other issues in sound art or acousmatic music that you are interested in writing about. Please also include a link to recent essays or your blog, or attach a recent piece of writing (from the past two years.)

We have not confirmed the budget or fees for this project at this time, but hope to secure support for a $200 honorarium per essay. We will confirm the budget by February, and the first DVD of 2013 will be published in March.



Jamie Allen
Cesar Alvarez
Natasha Barrett
Brian Belet
Daniel Blinkhorn
Simona Brinkmann
Oliver Carman
Alejandro Casales
Eric Chasalow
Buddhaditya Chattopadhay
Virginia Colwell
Patrick Courtney
Melanie Crean
Paul Devens
Demdike Stare
Anna Friz
Clay Gold
Josh Goldman
Ido Govrin
Bjorn Eric Haugen
John Hudak
Bryan Jacobs
Zahra Jewanjee
Martin Kay
Suk-Jun Kim
Felix Kubin and Boris D Hegenbart-Matsui
Orestes Karamanlis
Peter Kutin
Meriol Lehmann
Loud Objects
Stephanie Loveless
Adrian Moore
Emmanuel Madan
Cedric Maridet
Abinadi Meza

Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi
Dafna Naphthali
Oliver Nijs
Sean Niesen
Michael Northam

Philippe Otondo
Rebekkah Palov
Sam Pellman
Jane Phillbrick
Kálmán Pongrácz
Martins Rokis
Tara Rogers
Diana Salazar

Uli Schuster
Debashis Sinha
Tom Williams
Pamela Z

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