Announcing ((audience02)) and preview @ Harvestworks, Thu. May 31, 7-9:45!

Conceived in 2006, ((audience)) is an unprecedented project that explores the cinema as a 21st century concert hall. Currently, sound artists must “perform” what are essentially multi-track recordings, interpreting the playback of their compositions to account for technical and acoustic variations in different sites. ((audience)) bypasses this problem by considering the cinema-hall as a standard technical and acoustic platform and site. The centerpiece of ((audience)) is its biennial festival, a program of 5.1 surround sound works by international artists presented in movie theaters in the dark (without visual accompaniment). This immersive experience in cinematic audio travels to partnering organizations accompanied by curatorial lectures, performances and screenings on a city-by-city basis.

((audience)) is pleased to announced ((audience02)).

Our Shorts Program broadly surveys recent surround sound work, from an eclectic work that samples from jazz, poetry and popular music (“Symphony of Popular Misconceptions”) to an imagined soundtrack for a short horror film (“Airtight Orange Plastic Coffin”). The two works in the Long Program are like feature films, providing a context for the audience to settle in and dream together. And, since ((audience)) is concerned with the cinema both as a technical platform as well as a narrative platform, this year we have added a Stereo Program with three works from the radiophonic tradition.

Shorts Program (50 minutes)
Eric Chasalow: “Symphony of Popular Misconceptions” (2009, 11:30 min)
Clay Gold: “Airtight Orange Plastic Coffin” (2009, 9:12 min)
Adrian Moore: “3Pieces: Piano” / “3Pieces: Horn” (2006-2007, 20:38 min)
JG Thirlwell: “Anabiosis” (2005-2011, 8:43 min)

Long Program (120 minutes + Intermission)
Barry Schrader: “The Monkey King,” (2007, 36:57 min)
Phillip Stearns: “Macular Degeneration” (2010, 82:43 min)

Stereo Program (66 minutes)
Anna Friz: “The Clanedestine Transmissions of Pirate Jenny” (2000/2002, 26:13 min)
Felix Kubin: “Raum für Telemagnetische Medien” (2004, 19:40 min)
Gregory Whitehead: “Potato God Scarecrow” (2011, 20:00 min)
Please join us at Harvestworks on THURSDAY, MAY 31 for a free preview screening of ((audience2)), including our complete shorts program, and the entirety of Phillip Stearns’ “Macular Degeneration.”

THURSDAY, May 31 / 7-9:45pm
@ HARVESTWORKS Digital Media Art Center
596 Broadway, Suite 602
B, D, F, M to Broadway / Lafayette
6 to Bleecker
N.R to Prince

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