December workshop with murmer at Union Docs

PLEASE join ((audience)) for a December workshop with sound artist murmer at Union Docs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010 / 6:30-9:30pm

This workshop focuses on sound as transmitter of nonverbal information, whether as a tool for communication or as a description of physical or imaginary space. We will focus on sound’s ability to define/describe space, and on our ability to resonate, alter, or create space by using sound. We will also explore animal communication and group activity. A strong focus will be placed on environmental listening, and the development of the ear toward detailed sonic perception. Using small acoustic objects and the space itself, we will experiment with methods of group nonverbal sonic communication, with giving our location a voice, and with creating new spaces toward an understanding of sonic scenography. The workshop will open with an extended listening session, after which participants will work through a series of sonic games and be asked to bring objects to use in the later stages.

$9-20 sliding scale.


Patrick McGinley (aka murmer) is an American born sound and performance artist who has lived and worked in Europe since 1996. From 1996 until 1998 he lived in Paris where he studied theatre, and began his sound experiments in the context of those studies. Moving to London in 1998, he began a collection of found sounds and found objects that would become the basis of all his work. He has composed works for several theatre performances, including the works of his own company, as well as performing live soundworks for others. In 2002 he co-founded framework, an organization that produces a weekly radio show on London’s Resonance104.4fm. His work concentrates on the framing of sounds from our environment which normally pass through our ears unnoticed and unremarked, but which out of context become unrecognizable, alien and extraordinary: Crackling charcoal, a squeaking escalator, a buzzing insect, or one’s own breath.


Union Docs is a collaborative non-profit organization that presents a broad range of innovative and thought-provoking non-fiction projects to the general public, while also cultivating specialized opportunities for learning, critical discourse, and creative collaboration for emerging media-makers, theorists, and curators. For more information, visit


Union Docs

322 Union Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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