Audience Convocation in Baltimore, MD

This Sunday, May 16, ((audience)) co-curator Alexis Bhagat will host Audience Convocation in Baltimore, MD as part of the Megapolis! Audio Festival (which runs from May 14 – May 16). The topic of the convocation is “The Cinema as a Concert Hall for the 21st Century.” He will host two separate sections of the convocation, at 2:15pm and at 3pm. Both will take place at Windup Space, 12 W. North Avenue in Baltimore.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, “the cinema” existed as a standardized built platform for the distribution of multi-channel audio compositions. With the exception of the New York Metropolitan Opera (with its Live HD Saturday Broadcasts), music and audio art presenters are not making use of this standardized platform. This lecture will address those barriers and ask the question of “Why movie theaters?” with a counter-question “Why art galleries?”. The history of sound art in the gallery space will be interwoven with a history of concert hall architecture and cinema sound, to bring us to the present day, and a shimmering awareness of the potential of the cinema as a place for profound listening experiences. Participants are invited to bring along samples of film soundtracks or of cinematic sound art compositions to share for listening and discussion. Alexis Bhagat has hosted this discussion at Khoj in Delhi (India) in 2007, SAT in Montreal and Red House Art Gallery in Syracuse in 2009, and at Soundlab in Buffalo in 2010.

The Megapolis Festival is an annual, weekend-long celebration of the craft of DIY audio creation. Artists, documentarians, musicians, and fans come together to share secrets on producing and presenting challenging audio works online, on-air, and on the stage. The Megapolis Festival examines the sonic landscape of this sprawling urban environment, showcasing artists and documentarians from all over the region, and focusing performances, workshops, and presentations around one particular mega-neighborhood. Events are scattered throughout in small galleries, outdoor spaces, and even friends’ living rooms, so you’re not just a passive audience, you’re actively adding context to what’s coming into your ears. For more information on Megapolis and to purchase tickets, please visit

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