((audience)) at Never Records!

Friday, January 29, 2010 — 7-9pm

((audience)) at Never Records!


Fantasy noise by mudboy, the Doctor of Experimental Organomics in collaboration with experimental cellist MV Carbon.

Loud Objects have set the standard for performative live circuit bending. Wielding soldering irons over a ramshackle overhead projector, the New York City-based trio wire up live musical circuits in pursuit of lo-fi electronic noise. In this new performance experiment, Loud Objects play fluorescent light bulb guitars and are backed by a mens’ noise choir.

Never Records is a portion of a new, temporary exhibition called “Never Can Say Goodbye” at the old Tower Records on Broadway and 4th Street. Never Records, organized by artist Ted Riederer, is a pop-up record shop where everything – down to the stickers on the cash register – is an artist project. Featuring several weeks of “in-store” performances, screenings and works by dozens of artists, Never Records is made possible by an organization called No Longer Empty which donates empty storefronts to artists for public art projects.

Never Records is open from January 16 to February 13, 2010 from Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 7pm. For more information on Never Records, Never Can Say Goodbye, and for a complete schedule of events, visit http://www.nolongerempty.com.

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