((audience)) Update – December 2008

December 15, 2008: 7:27pm

((audience)) has faced significant challenges this past year, challenges which were not clear to us when we first proposed this festival in 2006. At that time, it was not clear to us that in order to present surround sound works in a cinema, we would need to conform to the proprietary technology of cinema sound. These realities have transformed the shape and concept of ((audience)) in important ways.

After months of searching for a partner cinema where we could present our works either from a computer or on DVD-A, we have realized that all works for ((audience)) must be re-mastered in Dolby surround and distributed on a 35mm film. This ensures that ((audience)) could be presented on any surround-equipped cinema in the world. We are currently raising funds for the printing of that 35mm film, along with related studio costs for creating a printmaster, and for Dolby licensing.

The exhibition will still premiere in Delhi in Winter 2009, as originally proposed, and will then travel to other cinemas throughout the world. We are currently coordinating multiple screenings for ((audience09)) and have received invitations from individuals in Beirut, Lebanon; Stockholm, Sweden; and Albany, New York, who would like to arrange for ((audience)) to screen in their area. Each subsequent screening will be organized, like the Delhi premiere, with a local arts organization and — where possible — with a program of performances and discussions at that organization’s venue.

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