((audience)) Needs Equipment!

((audience)) is the realization of a fantasy: to organize a sound art exhibition in a darkened movie theater. It’s taken three years to make it happen, but now ((audience)) has turned into a full blown traveling sound art festival, activating beautiful old movie theaters from Delhi to Upstate New York and many points in between. We have received many submissions of works already for our 2011 festival, so ((audience)) promises to be a platform for the development and presentation of new sound art for many years to come!

But, as you also must know, this is a terrible time for fundraising. We have not received any foundational support for ((audience)) thus far, and have pulled the show together on a few fundraiser concerts and from our own pockets. This year’s festival promises to get us onto a good footing for the 2011 festival, but we have one big price tag to take care of first – our Dolby decoder. It costs $3600… And really, $3600 isn’t much money if 100 of our friends help us raise it. And, even less money if 200 of our friends help us raise it! And practically nothing if 3600 of our friends help!

Please help! A $40 donation would be wonderful, but even a $10 pledge will help! And please repost the link on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other social networking sites and forward to lots of your friends!

Please visit https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/contribute/donate/1172 to donate to ((audience)). ((audience)) is a fiscally-sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, so all donations are tax-deductible.

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